• Top Quality Tesamorelin Peptides Powder 2mg
  • Top Quality Tesamorelin Peptides Powder 2mg

Top Quality Tesamorelin Peptides Powder 2mg

Buy Tesamorelin online with the high quality
  • Top Quality Tesamorelin Peptides Powder 2mg

What is the Tesamorelin Peptide?

TESAMORELIN is a chemically altered growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) analog. This peptide is a trans-3-hexanoic acid version of natural GHRH. It has been heavily researched for its potential to enhance peripheral nerve regeneration and improve mild cognitive impairment (MCI), the precursor to dementia. Tesamorelin appears to mediate the positive influence of GHRH and other GHRH analogs such as GRF (1-29)CJC-1295, and sermorelin. The trans-3-hexanoic acid modification may increase its blood plasma stability and half-life. Both Tesamorelin and CJC-1295 appear to maintain the physiological effects of GHRH and display limited side effects compared to other analogs, which typically disrupt the physiological rhythm of GH release.

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804475-66-9     High Pure Peptides Th9507 Tesamorelin Powder 2mg/Vial

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White powder

Tesamorelin Research

Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) triggers endocrine and metabolic disorders, including growth hormone (GH) deficiency. The HIV infection alters the pituitary gland function and causes GH deficiency in one-third of HAART patients.[1] Tesamorelin research suggests the peptide may be a safer and more effective treatment for improving GH levels than the administration of exogenous GH, particularly in HIV-positive individuals.

Adiposity and antiretroviral drugs put HIV-positive individuals at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). Hence prevention of CVD is of crucial concern in such patients, and statins have been the drug of choice. Tesamorelin studies posit that the peptide reduces lipodystrophy and triglyceride, total cholesterol, and non-HDL-C in HIV-positive patients.[2] Ectopic fat deposition is involved in inflammation, which increases the risk of CVD. Adipose tissue deposition in visceral organs, epicardium, and liver enhance CVD risk. The peptide thus may decrease inflammatory response by controlling excess adiposity.[3] The researchers note that “HIV-infected patients receiving tesamorelin with ≥8% reduction in VAT have significantly improved triglyceride levels, adiponectin levels, and preservation of glucose homeostasis over 52 weeks of treatment.”

Tesamorelin is principally researched in relation to treating HIV-associated lipodystrophy caused by a viral infection and the adverse effect of antiretroviral therapy. Patients suffering from lipodystrophy rely on diet, exercise, some ineffective medications, and surgery as a last measure. The peptide appeared to reduce adiposity by about 20% in patients.[4] The researchers also note that “The odds of response of VAT ‹140 cm2 was 3.9 times greater for tesamorelin-treated patients than that of patients receiving placebo.”

Peripheral nerve damage can be caused by injury, diabetes, or surgical interventions. It triggers debilitating motor and sensory function challenges in the affected parts. There is very limited intervention as nerve cells are tough to regenerate. Studies show that growth hormone manipulation can improve peripheral nerve injury and increase both rate and extent of healing.[5] Tesamorelin is being considered for such intervention.

GHRH analogs, including Tesamorelin, have been researched for their potential to improve cognitive ability in patients suffering from the early stages of dementia. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted with a large cohort over a period of twenty weeks at the University of Washington School of Medicine. The study observed that Tesamorelin and other GHRH analogs may influence dementia by increasing gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain and decreasing myo-insoitol (MI).[6] These findings on the potential of Tesamorelin use in the treatment of dementia also suggest new avenues for research to find a cure. The peptide is a sought-after molecule for clinical trials. It is presently being evaluated for its ability to regulate cardiovascular disease in HIV, enhance healing of peripheral nerves following injury, and slow the progression of dementia. Clinical trials are being conducted in several different areas. Experimental studies report that Tesamorelin appears to exhibit minimal side effects, low oral bioavailability, and excellent subcutaneous bioavailability in mice. The dosage for use in mice (per kg) does not scale to humans. Tesamorelin is sold at Biotech Peptides for educational and scientific research and not for human use.

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