• New Arrival TB-500 HGHfragmentation191-176 CAS:885340-08-9
  • New Arrival TB-500 HGHfragmentation191-176 CAS:885340-08-9

New Arrival TB-500 HGHfragmentation191-176 CAS:885340-08-9 5mg

"Exploring TB-500 Benefits, BPC-157 Blend, and TB-500 vs. BPC-157 Comparison"
  • New Arrival TB-500 HGHfragmentation191-176 CAS:885340-08-9

What is the TB-500 peptide (Thymosin Beta-4)?

TB-500 is a synthetic analog of the naturally occurring Thymosin Beta-4 peptide, which ubiquitously exists in human and animal cells.[1] According to researchers “The key ingredient of TB-500 is the peptide LKKTETQ with artificial acetylation of the N-terminus.” The biologically effective peptide belongs to a widespread family of 16 related molecules with a high degree of sequence conservation and localization in the majority of the tissues and circulating cells in the body. TB-500 was developed to sequester and block actin polymerization in eukaryotic cells.

TB-500 expression appears to increase four-six fold during early angiogenesis. It may promote the growth of new blood cells from the existing vessels, mediate faster wound healing, and promote the healing of muscle injury and development. The actin-binding domain happens to be a short central stretch of amino acid. It is involved in TB-500 mediated regulation of blood cell division, wound healing, migration of endothelial cells and keratinocytes, and higher production of extracellular matrix-degrading enzymes.[2] The researchers note that “Treatment with Tβ4 significantly increased cell migration and sprouting from microbeads.”

TB-500 research suggests the peptide’s potential as an effective wound-healing molecule with anti-inflammatory properties. Thymosin Beta-4, unlike other naturally produced growth factors, helps in endothelial and keratinocyte migration. It also does not bind to the extracellular matrix and has a very low molecular weight which helps it travel comparatively long distances through tissues. As mentioned before, it regulates the polymerization and function of actin.
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TB-500 Research

The TB-500 peptide has been researched for its potential to mediate the following functions such as:
– Tissue repair[3]
– Endothelial (blood vessels) cell differentiation
– Angiogenesis in dermal tissues
– Collagen deposition[4]
– Keratinocyte movement
– Reduction in inflammation of tissue in joints
– Increase in muscle growth causing improvement in endurance and strength
– Relaxation of muscle spasms and improvement of muscle tone[5]
– Increase in the intracellular exchange of substances
– Control of connective tissue flexibility
– Prevention of the formation of adhesions and fibrous bands in muscles, tendons, and ligaments

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